Our books are kid-tested and librarian-approved. We mean this literally. We don't publish a book until kids have read it and given us their feedback. And we don't seek third-party reviews of our books. Our customers, librarians, review our books.

Our authors get a fair deal. They earn more than what they would at a traditional publisher, and they keep all of their other rights. That's correct: all. It's their stuff; we just want to get it onto library shelves for kids to enjoy.

We work hard to be school friendly:

  • We help teachers. For every book we publish, we provide on our website a randomized quiz so students can prove to their teachers that they read the book.
  • We help librarians however we can. For those with limited resources, we provide ebooks that kids can get for themselves.

ActonHale is a small business in central Pennsylvania. We plan to grow slowly with a focus on quality: in storytelling and in service to librarians across North America.