Where can I order ActonHale books?
Amazon.com. That's it for now.

As an educator, how can I order an examination copy of a book?
We are sorry, but ActonHale does not provide examination copies, except to librarian reviewers. We are a small publisher focused on quality and on making more money than we spend. So, we operate with limited resources.

Why do you not offer discounts to librarians?
We are a small publisher with limited resources and we need to make more money than we spend. Also, we want to give our authors a fair deal. We consider our pricing reasonable without any discounts.

How do I submit my manuscript to ActonHale?
We are sorry, but ActonHale does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. We currently work with a small group of writers and have no immediate plans to expand our roster.

Do you publish books in languages other than English?
At this time, ActonHale only publishes in English.

How can I get permission to use part of an ActonHale book for a project I am working on?
If you wish to use an excerpt from an ActonHale book you must send us a written request. Use our Contact page. We will get back to you with terms and conditions, and all kinds of legal mumbo jumbo.

Whom should I contact about a problem with your website?
Use our Contact page, with an eye-catching opening line such as, "Hey, webmaster, wake up!"